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Tuesday, 4 October 2011 | 01:09 | 0 like it
someone out there ;
i actually still love you as i love you when we're together .
i can't possibly forget about you .
hm , everytime i look at your pictures .
all i'll think is about our memories .
the videos , the photos , and what it happen at KFC :')
okayy it really breaks my heart :')
many of them , especially my parents . say that ;-
i look strong but actually , inside my heart ,
i'm weak .
i don't believe this at all at the first place .
but after you leave me alone with another person ,
okayy i just can't take it :'(
now , everytime i send messages or text to you .
you'll reply them as though as you're busy .
like you didn't really wanna accompany me .
you've completely forgotten about me .
i felt like , i'm lost . hm :'(
capital A ;-
i know that you don't know anything about this .
i can't keep it to myself :'(
i can't take it .
so , i just wrote them out here .
than having me being miserable keeping all this nonsense :')
for Capital A ;-
u're the best thing that ever been mine :')

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